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Ah, those trusty radiators – we rely on them to keep us warm during frosty winter spells. But hey, even these hidden champs need a little TLC! As time goes by, your radiators might pick up some quirks and issues that could put a chill in the air; think grime buildup and airlocks.

Build-up is the accumulation of dirt, debris, sludge, or rust inside your radiators, which can reduce the heat output and increase the energy consumption of your heating system.

If left untreated, these problems can lead to more serious issues, such as leaks, corrosion, or damage to your boiler or heating system. This can result in higher repair costs, lower comfort levels, and higher carbon emissions.

That’s why it’s important to detect and prevent radiator problems as soon as possible before they become worse or irreversible. But how can you do that you ask?

One of the best ways to detect and prevent radiator problems is to use Bind’s Aftercare Servicing. Bind is a family-run business that provides high-quality boiler and heating services in Somerset and Wiltshire. We have a team of qualified and experienced Gas Safe engineers who can inspect your heating system and radiators to get them working smoothly again.

Our Inspection Service Can Include:

  • Visual inspection: We will visually inspect your radiators for any signs of damage, wear, or corrosion, such as cracks, leaks, stains, or discolouration. We will measure the temperature of your radiators and identify any hot or cold spots that indicate uneven heating or poor circulation. This can help you diagnose common radiator problems, such as radiator not getting hot, radiator not heating up, radiator cold at bottom, radiator not working, or radiator warm at top, cold at bottom.
  • Pressure testing: We will measure the water pressure in your radiators and check for any drops or fluctuations that indicate restriction or blockage. This can help you identify if you have one radiator not getting hot or if your whole heating system is affected.
  • Flushing: We can also offer a power flushing service to flush out any build-up or sludge from your radiators and pipes, using high-pressure water and chemicals. This will improve the heat output and efficiency of your heating system. This is also known as radiator flush.
  • Balancing: We can also balance your radiators to ensure that they are evenly heated and distributed throughout your home.
  • Maintenance: We will perform any necessary maintenance or repairs on your radiators, such as replacing faulty valves, bleeding air bubbles, or fixing leaks.

Get an Expert Home Heating Servicing & Repairs with Bind

Our home heating service in Somerset and Wiltshire is fast, reliable, and affordable. We will provide you with our findings and recommendations, as well as a free quote for any further work that may be required. We will also give you tips on how to keep your radiators in good condition and prevent future problems.

If you want to detect and prevent radiator problems, you can contact us or call us on 01985 800 222. We offer competitive prices and excellent customer service. We would love to help you keep your home warm and efficient with our Aftercare Packages.