We are so much more than a flying visit; we would never love you and leave you.

As rare as it sounds, we are more committed to keeping your boiler fit and healthy, than Shaggy is to looking after Scooby-Doo. With our annual services, we assist in ensuring your boiler is around longer than Blockbuster & Woolworths.


We call this “the Gwyneth Paltrow”. Not quite as outrageous as the belief that “your words can hurt your waters feelings” and “bee sting facials” a power flush is a tried and tested health advancing process for your heating system.

Our high-powered pump is designed to connect up to your heating system and pump specific chemicals around your system filling your pipework, radiators, valves filters and everything else in between breaking down and removing years of sludge build-up made up of iron and limescale erosion left in the system this could cause blockages and problems for your brand-new boiler.

If you notice an inconsistency of heat in your radiators we would strongly recommend it.

Smart Thermostats

Unlike the not so smart inventions of Pop up ads, Asbestos and the vibrating ab belt the Smart thermostat is a great idea. As smart as steven Fry yet easier to understand they monitor and learn your heating and hot water patterns (that’s right you have a heating and hot water pattern). Certain makes and models make advancement In managing your money for you. Identify when the property is empty meaning no unnecessary heat loss. Also controllable from your mobile, so you can send it a quick message saying “honey, I’m on my way home” to be welcomed by a lovely warm abode………smart.

Aftercare Packages

Everybody deserves some attention on their birthday (even the miserable one’s) and your boiler is no exception. We offer two different annual packages to choose from celebrating the birth of your boiler. An annual visit from one of our trained engineers will perform and maintain any warranties you may have.

Your Annual Check-Up

It’s no secret that we can all do with a check-up every now and then and our warm handed heating engineers are always available to give your boiler the same treatment.


  • visual inspection of the boiler
  • A flue gas analysis & efficiency test making sure your boiler is working correctly
  • Checking and adjusting the system pressure, as required
  • Cleaning and clearing the condensate trap
  • Check the boiler is firing up and shutting down safely & correctly
  • Check the ventilation & flue are in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions
  • Gas tightness test, ensuring there’s no leaks
  • Confirmation that the service has been carried out and paperwork issued

System Boiler

  • Inspection pressures relive, (system boilers only)
  • Inspection of temperature relief, system boilers only
  • Checking of f & e tank were (feed and expansion)
  • Inspection of expansion vessels (system boiler)

The Batman & Robin Treatment

We all make mistakes, even NASA accidentally taped over the moon landing……..or did they!. Regardless it’s a common misconception that just looking after your boiler automatically looks after your heating system. The truth is they are actually two very separate yet intimately intertwined moving parts, much like Batman and Robin. Your system is very much the Robin to your boilers Batman and taking care of both of them will keep this dynamic due fit and health, fighting off the cold criminal chill of the worst weather conditions……….. or just keeping you nice and cosy…

Where an annual inspection of the boiler is a great help and very important looking after the system as a whole is a much more proactive way to keep everything fit and healthy and help avoid any nasty surprises. As well as the above annual check-up it also includes –


  • Inhibitor levels in water checked at topped up as required
  • Inspection of your radiators showing any issues with build-up and restriction
  • Inspection to trv’s radiator valves
  • Cleaning of your magnetic filters
  • Visual inspection to pipe work looking for weeps and erosion
  • Inspection of diverter and zone valves
  • Inspection air admittance valves were present
  • Stop taps
  • Port valves
  • Bypass valves

System Boiler

  • Inspection pressures relive, (system boilers only)
  • Inspection of temperature relief, system boilers only
  • Checking of f & e tank were (feed and expansion)
  • Inspection of expansion vessels (system boiler)