There are many ways to keep yourself warm inside and out and we are happy to say we can help you with nearly all of them.

Whatever your boilers tipple might be we can accommodate the following-

  • Natural gas
  • LPG
  • Oil
  • Electric

Our engineers are qualified in the following;

  • Core Domestic Gas Safety (CCN1)
  • Combustion Performance Analysis (CPA1)
  • Domestic Gas Central Heating, Boilers and Water Heaters (CENWAT)
  • Domestic Gas Cookers (CKR1)
  • Domestic Gas Fires and Wall Heaters (HTR1)
  • Instillation of First Fix Commercial Appliances and Equipment. Service, Repair and Breakdown of Indirect Fired Commercial Appliances (CIGA1)
  • Commercial Core Gas Safety Initial (COCN1)
  • First Fix Commercial Pipe Work (ICPN)
  • Test and Purging of Commercial Pipe Work (TPCP1/TPCP1a)
  • Installation, Service and Repair of Overhead Radiant Tube Heaters (CORT1)
  • Core Commercial Catering Gas Safety (CCCN1)
  • Catering Appliance Groups 1&3 (COMCAT1&3)
  • LPG Change over course for Catering (CONGLP1)
  • Leisure and Accommodation Vehicles (CONGLP1 LAV)
  • Residential Park-homes (CONGLP1 RPH)
  • Installation of a heating or cooking appliance and/or heating and hot water systems (e.g. boiler, range cooker, room heating stove (OFT10-105E)
  • Domestic Hot Water Storage Systems (Unvented). Installation, Repair and Breakdown
  • Installation of an oil tank and oil supply (OFT10-600a)
  • Service and Commission of Multi-Stage Pressure Jet Appliances (e.g. some commercial boilers) (OFT10-201)
  • Service and Commission of Pressure Jet Appliances (e.g. boilers and some range cookers) (OFT10-101)