Say Hello to Bind’s Tom Package!

Picture this: a chilly day, a warm cuppa, and a house that wraps you up in a toasty embrace. That’s the dream, right? But what happens when your trusty old boiler decides to take an unscheduled break? That’s where Bind steps in.

Bind’s local Gas Safe Boiler Engineers in Wiltshire and Somerset are here to make that dream a reality with our Tom Package! We’re not just about boilers, we’re about creating a home that’s as inviting and efficient as possible.


Bind’s Tom Package: Ideal Logic Max Combi2 C24 Boiler

With its sleek design and user-friendly controls, this is more than just a boiler; it’s a statement piece for your home.

But what exactly does our Tom Package entail?

Boiler Installation: Say goodbye to your old, worn-out boiler and hello to a brand-spanking new one! We handle the installation with precision and care.
Responsible Disposal: Your old boiler? We’ve got it covered. We’ll ensure it’s sent off for proper disposal because we believe in being eco-conscious.
Corrosion Inhibitor: Think of it as cod liver oil for your heating system. It’s the extra layer of protection that keeps things running smoothly.
In-line Scale Inhibitor: No one likes clogged pipes. This nifty gadget keeps your system’s insides clean and clear, ensuring a seamless flow.
Magnetic System Filter: We’re not fans of rogue iron particles, and neither should your boiler be. We’ll keep them far, far away.

And that’s not all! With our Tom Package, you get a generous 10-year warranty to give you peace of mind.


All this, starting from just £1895 Inc. VAT

This exclusive offer is tailored specifically for two-bedroom terraced homes with one bathroom. If your home doesn’t quite fit this description, worry not! Getting a quick quote is a breeze – a few straightforward questions are all it takes to get you on the right track.

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But wait, there’s more!

You can also choose from a range of smart boiler controls to accompany your new setup (at additional cost):

Nest Smart Thermostat: Take control of your heating from anywhere with this intuitive device.
Ideal Halo WiFi: Seamless connectivity for a smarter, more efficient home.
Honeywell T6R Wireless Smart Thermostat: Easy-to-use, energy-saving technology at your fingertips.

Need a system power flush?

This thorough cleaning process is like a spa day for your central heating system, clearing out sludge, rust, and dirt. If your radiators aren’t quite up to snuff, a power flush might be just the ticket.

Please note that the System Power Flush is available at an additional cost.
Learn more about System Power Flush by reading our blog.


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