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Ever wondered how efficient your boiler really is? In the world of home heating, the efficiency of your boiler stands as a pivotal factor in gas use which can translate into savings or losses on your heating bills.

Let’s take a brief look into the various factors that underpin the efficiency of your boiler and help you decide if a boiler replacement or boiler upgrade might be your best option.


Can a Boiler Upgrade Really Cut Your Gas Bills?

Absolutely, without a doubt. Every new boiler available in the UK these days boasts at least 90% efficiency, earning an A rating. By contrast, older boilers were engineered to disparate standards, plunging as low as G-rated—equivalent to under 70% efficiency.

Bind’s local gas boiler engineers replace plenty of ageing boilers with modern A-rated models. A boiler replacement or upgrade could slash your annual gas expenses by up to 20-30% for the typical household. But the financial gains you make also hinge on your home’s attributes, including the level and quality of home insulation you have.

Boiler Energy Efficiency Explained

Boiler efficiency corresponds to the energy effectively utilised for heating your home, as opposed to wastage or loss. A 90% efficient boiler equates to a mere 10% energy loss, whereas a 70% efficient boiler entails a 30% energy loss.

Evaluating ErP (Energy-related Products)

ErP, an abbreviation for ‘Energy-related Products,’ constitutes the European rating system for heating appliances, including boilers. Each modern boiler has an ErP energy label, showcasing efficiency rankings from A to G. Notably, UK regulations mandate all contemporary gas boilers to hold an A rating, affirming their high efficiency.

The UK enforced a 2007 law mandating ‘condensing’ boilers for all new boiler installations. These contemporary models boast markedly superior efficiency in comparison to older boiler styles. By harnessing heat from flue-exposed hot gases, condensing boilers minimise heat wastage. Consequently, a condensing boiler delivers at least 90% efficiency, or even higher. Great for your home, and your wallet!

Potential Savings with a New Boiler Installation

The table shows potential yearly savings by replacing an older boiler with a new A-rated one.

Home Type Potential Savings (GBP)
Detached House £375
Semi-Detached House £460
Terrace House £590
Flat (Mid Floor) £840

Source: Energy Saving Trust (Figures based on October 2022 fuel prices; estimations for A-rated condensing boiler installations)

Choosing an Energy Efficient Boiler

When deliberating between conventional, combi, or system boilers, note that energy efficiency isn’t inherently skewed toward any particular type. The choices you make should cater to your property and family size, ensuring energy-efficient gas usage.

For instance, compact properties with smaller families may find a combi boiler optimal due to its on-demand hot water supply. Conversely, for larger residences and families, system or conventional boilers present more energy-efficient alternatives while meeting all their needs without pushing costs up.

Bind’s local boiler engineers can help you choose the right boiler for you and your home. Learn more about our next-day boiler installation services in Wiltshire and Somerset.



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