Step right up temperature tinkerers and cosy connoisseurs! We’ve got just the ticket to transform your humble abode into a haven of comfort and efficiency. Say goodbye to chilly mornings and hello to the perfect temperature, every time.

But hold on tight, folks! With countless products vying for your attention, choosing the ideal smart thermostat can be quite a challenge. We’ll be your trusty guide through the labyrinth of features and functions, helping you find the perfect match for your unique home and lifestyle needs.

If you are looking for a smart thermostat that can learn your preferences and save you money on your energy bills, allow Bind to lend a helping hand.

Smart Thermostat Installations, Somerset & Wiltshire


Bind’s home heating team carry out smart thermostat installations of some of the most popular and reliable smart thermostats on the market – let’s zoom in and examine the hottestcontenders so you can cleverly dial in the perfect choice for your home.


The Best Smart Thermostats to Consider:


Looking for a smart and easy way to control your home’s heating and save money on energy bills?

The Nest Learning Thermostat is one of the most popular smart thermostats on the market. It learns your heating and cooling preferences over time and automatically adjusts the temperature to keep you comfortable. Nest Smart Heating Controls might be just what you need. Here are some of its features:

Personalised heating plans based on your preferences and habits
Sleek, circular, high-resolution touchscreen interface that can be mounted or placed on a stand
Auto-learning features that adjust heating based on your schedule and the weather outside
Geofencing technology that turns heating up or down based on your location
OpenTherm technology regulates boilers to use less gas and save energy and money
Nest Protect detects carbon monoxide leaks and turns off the boiler instantly
Compatible with popular virtual assistants like Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and more.


For years, Honeywell has been a go-to brand for heating and cooling solutions, and their smart heating controls are no exception. Evohome is an advanced heating system that enables users to create and manage up to 12 separate heating zones in domestic properties.

Wireless radiator heads are also available to enable the creation of additional heating zones without complex installation.
Evohome is an advanced heating system that enables users to create and manage up to 12 separate heating zones in residential properties as well as for underfloor heating and heat pumps.
It allows for the modular installation of multiple temperature-sensing devices throughout the property without the need to modify existing pipework, disturb decor, or harm fixtures and fittings.
The Evohome-connected thermostat pack includes an Evohome controller, power lead, table stand, and wireless receiver box.
With its touchscreen interface, users can quickly and easily control when and where their property is heated.

With its fantastic user-friendly app, feature-rich design and compatibility with a range of devices, upgrading to Evohome is a smart choice for anyone looking to vastly improve their heating controls.

Active Heating Smart Controls

Hive Heating Controls is a popular option in the UK, created by British Gas. Hive installation offers a range of features to help users save energy and money, including:

A box-like, traditional design that may be more appealing to some users than the sleeker Nest design.
The ability to set up to 6 individual daily slots and customise your heating schedule to fit your needs and preferences.
Mobile location tracking can alert you if you have left the heating on when you leave the house, helping to reduce wasted energy.
Frozen pipe protection automatically activates when the temperature drops below 7°C outside, helping to prevent pipes from freezing.
Compatibility with most devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and computers, and can be controlled by voice commands using Alexa.

Overall, If you’re looking for a reliable and user-friendly smart heating installation, Hive thermostat and controls will save energy and money on your heating bills.

Tado V3+ Smart Heating Controls

Tado V3+ smart heating controls have been helping UK homeowners save energy and money since 2015, and it’s easy to see why. Some of the key features of Tado V3+ include:

Modern, stylish design and straightforward digital display.
One of the standout features of Tado V3+ is the ability to create zonal heating by purchasing additional radiator controls. This allows you to fine-tune the temperature in each room of your home, giving you greater control and flexibility over your heating system.
You can set a 7-day schedule using the app and adjust the temperature based on the time of day and your availability in the house.
Geofencing technology tracks your location and sends you reminders to turn off theheating. It can even turn up the heating when you’re on your way back home.
Smart reporting with data and insights about your heating use over time, including weather activity, window status, and savings to date.
OpenTherm technology, helps you save both energy and money, enabling it to control heating and domestic hot water systems.
Compatible with popular virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant, you can control and manage your heating system with ease.

All in all, Tado V3+ is an excellent option for anyone looking for a sleek and innovative smart heating control system. With its advanced features and user-friendly mobile app, it’s a valuable investment that can help you save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

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